GaitLine hos Vinderen Sport!!

The experience of 300 Olympic- and World Championship medals, put to practice.

The ambition: To develop the world´s best shoe for the standing and walking human being.

Håvard Engell - Founder

GaitLine™ is a footwear company of Norwegian origin, specializing in innovative, advanced footwear. Our product builds on the patented Sensory Gaitline Technology™, a sole construction that optimizes the weight distribution in the foot during standing and walking. We also have a strong commitment to visual design.

The founder

Håvard Engell has over forty years of experience in the field of biomechanics and motor performance, and is world reknowned for his expertise on balance and gait. During his career as professional ballet dancer, he gained unique practical experience and understanding of the sensory motor system and human motor control.

After completing his ballet career he studied five years at The Norwegian University of Sport and Science. Engaged for fifteen years at the Olympic Sports Centre (OSC) in Oslo, he was responsible for technical performance, balance and injury prevention in more than thirty different sports and national teams. During the years at OSC Mr. Engell coached athletes later achieving more than three hundred medals in Olympic- and World Championships. To help athletes achieve superb balance and technical performance Engell defined the optimal balance-axis along the foot, – from heel to toe -, and named it “The Sensory Gait Line”. Engell also developed the patented SGL™ sole construction that is integral in the GaitLine™ footwear range.

Lars Undli - designer

“GaitLine actually killed my sneaker collection”


The designer

Lars Undli, a.k.a. Pay2, is known in the graffiti community and art world for his rich and precise work as an artist. A career spanning three decades, the attention to visual detail has helped Gaitline form a strong visual language. Lars also has a background as a b-boy, and holds three Norwegian championships titles among his merits.

Along with his interest in street culture came the fascination and interest for sneakers. From the beginning, sneakers as designed objects and eventually their role in defining pop culture worldwide. Lars has been a collector of sneakers since the early 90´s, having just sold off his private collection of more than five hundred pairs. Having designed shoes for other major brands, he only used other shoe brands twice the last two years. As Lars says: “GaitLine actually killed my sneaker collection.”

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